Building an online learning platform for skills transfer and training in creative problem-solving for complex challenges.
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Kaleidoscope is Scope’s online learning platform for delivering content, resources, tools, and activities to help learners develop creative problem-solving skills and take on complex issues with multiple root causes. The platform content is designed to create an engaging, inspiring, and fun learning experience in a way that drives mindset change towards new ways of doing things. The learning materials are rooted in context, and they will leverage trends and futures with a strong emphasis on community building and working collaboratively.

The platform’s initial focus is on helping learners to apply human-centered design (HCD) for social impact. At Scope, we constantly apply HCD to help drive positive change in a variety of contexts. Kaleidoscope was born out of our wish to share our multidisciplinary expertise, resources, case studies, and best practices in designing for social impact with a broader network of professionals tackling complex global challenges.

Kaleidoscope’s learning content is intended for a wide range of professionals from technical advisors and frontline workers to design practitioners and programme managers. The platform is regularly updated with new content and resources, and courses can be tailored and individualised to different learner types.

HCD Basics

HCD Basics is Kaleidoscope’s first online course targeted at public health professionals and others interested in learning the fundamentals of human-centered design. It is a free, introductory level, self-paced course designed to help learners understand the value of HCD and the design methods and tools used in the process. 

The course is built around six modules that contain rich media content, interactive learning materials, real-world case studies, and practical hands-on activities. While the course focuses on improving healthcare service delivery and addressing public health challenges, it is suitable for anyone interested in understanding design thinking better and learning practical HCD skills to tackle a variety of complex systemic issues. More e-learning courses will become available on the platform in the future.

Design resources

A central part of applying HCD is learning how to use design methods and tools that guide the design process. To support learning, we have consolidated an HCD Toolbox that contains various design tools, such as Journey Mapping and Personas that guide learners to take on complex challenges. The toolbox also hosts a helpful glossary of commonly used terms in Kaleidoscope’s HCD courses. Additional resources will be updated on the web page over time.

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