Our Approach

Creativity flourishes where disciplines intersect.

Our team, our partners, and the communities we serve provide different perspectives and areas of expertise.  Our approach combines these, just like a kaleidoscope. 

We employ an interdisciplinary problem-solving approach and leverage strategic partnerships for systems-centric innovation and impact at scale.



The heart of
our process: Human-centered design.

We collaborate closely with national technical partners, governments, civil society, and underrepresented populations as well as our Scope Community of experts.

Our in-house disciplines include global health, creative, design, international development, and social sciences. 



Our process:
Complex solution design.

  1. Assess & Ignite: Problem definition, landscape analysis, and partnership building.
  2. Discover: Collaborative discovery, participatory research, and data analysis.
  3. Define: Opportunity identification and innovation strategy definition.
  4. Create & Test: Co-design, prototyping, and micro-piloting of interventions.
  5. Implement: Deployment of ever-larger measurable pilots.
  6. Advocate: National, regional and global advocacy for intervention uptake.
  7. Scale: Collaboration and support for adaptation based scaling.

Typical outcomes.

  • New knowledge and perspectives.
  • New service models, training tools.
  • System strengthening strategies.
  • Product, space innovations.
  • Behaviour change initiatives.
  • Awareness and knowledge building campaigns.
  • Advocacy, influencing for financing, prioritization, policy change, rights.
  • Movement building.
  • New business models.
  • Capacity-building and organisational change.

Impact at scale on national and global levels.

Our pathways to impact lead to three orders of change:
People utilise new solutions or changed policy.
People benefit from new solutions or changed policy.
Improved national and global development and health outcomes.

Our way of working sparks interdisciplinary creativity and innovation. The process puts people at the center of problem solving. We build on existing ideas, knowledge, and resources. Co-creation generates wider ownership. Together, we build solutions that accelerate change at scale.