Creative movement for contraception in Kenya - an inclusive platform for all Kenyans.
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
2016 - 2020

#formnnigani (‘What’s the plan’ in Sheng) is an inclusive platform for Kenyans led by Kenyan youth, creatives and opinion shapers. The purpose is to help young Kenyans creatively frame, discuss and showcase positivity for family planning in order to achieve their constitutional right to quality family planning.

The majority of Kenyans are young (74% of Kenyans are under 35 years of age). We talked to hundreds of young Kenyans and they told us they need and want contraception. Yet, the taboo surrounding sex and contraception has stifled public discussion, hindered advocacy, and limited access to family planning services and contraception. Kenyan youth aren’t being heard.

The strategy behind the fast growth involved four phases to:

  1. Create the space.
    Break the taboo to talk about sex, showcase the positivity for contraception.
  2. Link contraception with personal futures.
    Position contraception as vital to achieving personal future plans.
  3. Frame the future of Kenya and the importance of contraception.
    Use future scenarios to start a national debate.
  4. Mobilize young advocates in new ways.
    Content, creative support and training

Our collaborators, creators, and opinion shapers include musicians, comedians, dancers, poets, activists, boda boda drivers, youth champions, comic book writers, graffiti artists artists, stylists and journalists. After kicking off things in 2018 with the question ‘What if men could get pregnant?’, we linked contraception with personal futures to position contraception as key to achieve future plans. The activities ranged from pregnant men dancing in front of parliament, an original song, concerts and photography exhibitions to a boda boda race, an animated graphic novel, dance challenge and the largest football tournament with combined male and female teams.

In 2019, we began to frame the future of Kenya and the importance of contraception by collaborating with youth to determine future scenarios and start a national debate. We kicked things off by bringing the pregnant president of Kenya in 2063 (the Kenyan Centenary year) to the present. She was accompanied by an afro-punk styled entourage and 100 female time warriors who handed out a #formnigani newspaper from a utopic future Kenya. A photography exhibition showcased Kenyans as they would look in 2063 and their dreams for the future.

We established #formnigani Future Kenya Think Tanks in Nairobi and Bungoma. Using data and imagination we created alternative scenarios of Kenya in 2030 – with and without adequate access to contraception. Based on the future scenarios, we mobilized young advocates in new ways, and challenged the youth of Kenya to come up with ideas on what needs to happen today to make the future of Kenya great. Young Kenyans believe the future of Kenya can be bright – if contraception is made available to all.

#formnigani Covid-19 response

#formnigani pivoted quickly after Kenya reported its first case of Covid-19 on 13 March 2020. In May 2020, we challenged creatives, poets and musicians to start a debate on contraception in the time of Covid-19 by adding to a collective work of art. We also established #formnigani Futures 2.0 building on the Kenya in 2030 report by adding Covid-19-related stressors to the health care system and SRH. The outcomes will include scenarios around the state of SRH among marginalised communities, and a roadmap for rebuilding SRH in post-pandemic Kenya.

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#formnigani Final Report

Kenya 2030 Futures Report

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