Welcoming summer interns at Scope

Our new 6-week internship programme engages 11 students from the University of Texas at Austin in an interdisciplinary, hands-on experience in social innovation.
June 15, 2022

We are delighted to welcome 11 public health students from the University of Texas at Austin to participate in a 6-week summer internship programme at our Helsinki office. The internship offers the opportunity to learn how design, social innovation, and creative advocacy approaches are applied in the public health and climate space to advance equality and well-being.

Throughout the internship, the students will be mentored by Scope’s experts. They get to engage in our social innovation projects across group perinatal care modelling, therapeutic HPV vaccine research, climate innovation sprints, digital health app development, and marketplace support exploration for family planning actors.

The interns bring to Scope their diverse expertise from undergraduate to doctoral level in fields ranging from cognitive developmental psychology and mathematics to environmental and occupational health sciences. They will support Scope’s social impact work by conducting desk research and market analysis as well as developing qualitative surveys and risk assessment tools, amongst others.

“I’m excited to work with professionals with such diverse backgrounds. My experience in public health has focused on the United States and Spanish-speaking communities. Now, I’m working in Finland and researching several countries across Africa and South Asia. This has exposed me to many different perspectives and will be instrumental in the way I approach public health in the future!” – Emily F. August, public health intern

We wish to grant the Scope interns a memorable, in-depth learning experience while taking this opportunity to equally learn from their unique skills. Welcome to Finland!

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