Introducing Scope Sprints, our rapid innovation process

Scope Sprints provide organisations with a fast and focused way of tackling existing and future challenges.
January 19, 2022

As a company focused on designing creative solutions for social impact, Scope has a decade-long experience facilitating processes that help organisations apply social innovation in their work. We have packaged this experience into customisable Scope Sprints that guide teams through independent yet interconnected Discovery, Co-Design, and Social Mobilisation modules of work.

Scope Sprints are time-bound, facilitated sets of activities focused on solving organisational and programme challenges. They use tried and tested methods, including design, research, and prototyping, to kick-start a rapid collaborative process to resolve a specific issue, whether at a micro or macro scale. Sprints always involve target groups and external stakeholders to ensure that proposed solutions fit each unique context.

The advantage of engaging in the rapid sprint process is the speed and precision of outcomes. In just four weeks, Sprints move teams from conceptual to concrete. They lead to pragmatic decision-making, actionable outcomes, and confidence within teams to execute the proposed solutions.

We also offer Scope Labs that apply a similar approach to sprints but with a focus on building the team’s internal ideation and co-creation skills, speeding up the innovation process within organisations. Futures Lab is our first lab, supporting organisations to envision future scenarios to adapt and scale future-ready market strategies and interventions.

We have already successfully applied the Scope Sprints approach in several of our projects. A recent example is our collaboration with Save the Elephants (STE), where the Scope team guided STE through a 2-month long discovery, strategy, and futures sprint process. We designed and tailored the interconnected sprints to help shape the organisation’s 2022–2025 strategy focused on new human-wildlife coexistence and conservation approaches.

Read more in the Scope Sprints presentation, and get in touch with us to hear how tailored sprints and labs could support your organisation’s needs!

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