Kizazi Chetu gains media attention on cervical health

Scope’s cervical health campaign creates awareness of the importance of cervical cancer screening and early treatment in the leading Kenyan media outlets.
July 6, 2021

“Cervical cancer prevention requires all of us to work as a team. This is the message that Kizazi Chetu has been trying to put across since its inception. Kizazi Chetu is a movement that seeks to involve everyone in the eradication of cervical cancer. Just like we have been doing for HIV, we may not all be infected, but we are definitely all affected,” writes Dr Nelly Bosire, an obstetrician and gynaecologist in the Daily Nation, Kenya’s leading newspaper publication.

Kizazi Chetu, Swahili for ‘Our Generation’, is working towards the elimination of cervical cancer as a public health problem in Kenya, using creative communications and influencer advocacy as its weapons of choice. A key part of the movement is to drive media attention around the oft-neglected issue and to support girls and women on their health journey to participate in cervical cancer prevention, detection, and treatment. With these measures in place and accessible to women, at least 90 per cent of cervical cancer cases could be prevented in Kenya, where more than 3,200 women die from the disease every year, according to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) International Agency for Research on Cancer.

The movement has been successful in stirring up conversation about the issue. Its message has been picked up by the leading media outlets in Kenya. Below are some of the highlights from the recent media coverage:


In addition to newspaper coverage, Kizazi Chetu has been featured on radio and TV. You can listen and watch the clips below:


Visit the Kizazi Chetu campaign website and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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