Goodbye and thanks, M4ID. Hello and welcome, Scope!

For more than a decade, M4ID has innovated for a better world. Together with our partners, we've gained results and learnings, both big and small.
May 31, 2019

We’re now accelerating the delivery of impact at scale. To do so, we’ve honed our interdisciplinary problem-solving approach and are deepening our strategic partnerships for systems-centric innovation. We’re geared to support global health and development take on the challenges to come.

Creative problem-solving flourishes when diverse disciplines intersect. Our multidisciplinary team, together with our partners, provides different perspectives and areas of expertise. Our approach combines these, just like a kaleidoscope, to accelerate social change at scale. So, keeping it short, we decided to name ourselves Scope.

Scope is a social impact company. We build innovative pathways to social change. Our vision is a world where everyone, everywhere can experience health, equality, and dignity.

Our way of working is human-centered and interdisciplinary. We collaborate with country partners, governments, civil society, and underrepresented populations as well as Scope’s community of creatives and innovators. Our in-house disciplines include creative, design, global health, international development, and social sciences.

Together, we build solutions to accelerate change at scale.

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