As a company dedicated to the health and wellbeing of underserved people globally, we are deeply concerned about the effects of COVID-19 on the communities we serve. While COVID-19 spreads rapidly, we continue providing our partners with critical services as well as responding to the growing crisis. We are supporting partners in pivoting to enable programme continuity, while also developing new ways of supporting preparedness and response efforts across the globe.

Scope is actively contributing to the Inter-agency Working Group of Reproductive Health in Crises. We are researching and advocating for improved COVID-19 services for vulnerable populations, as well as designing rapid, remote means to co-create emergency responses, facility improvements, and community mobilisation efforts.

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#formnigani movement picked up by Kenyan media outlets

Our future-focused family planning movement #formnigani has created nation-wide dialogue on contraception with a combined media and social media reach of over 90 million⁣ in Kenya this year.
December 27, 2019

“A movement that cannot be ignored”, writes Standard, a national daily in Kenya after the release of our Kenya in 2030 Futures Report which analyses a number of key drivers of contraception in Kenya to paint a picture of the country’s future in four plausible scenarios. Our youth-led movement and the Futures Report has been picked by Kenyan media outlets such as the Star, Daily Nation, KBC KTN News and KUTV ever since the launch and press conference in November in Nairobi.

#formnigani identifies contraception as key to unlocking Kenya’s future. In 2019, we began to frame the future of Kenya and the importance of contraception by collaborating with youth to determine future scenarios and start a national debate. We kicked things off by bringing the pregnant president of Kenya in 2063 (the Kenyan Centenary year) to the present. She was accompanied by an afro-punk styled entourage and 100 female time warriors who handed out a #formnigani newspaper from a utopic future Kenya.

We established #formnigani Future Kenya Think Tanks in Nairobi and Bungoma. Using data and imagination we created alternative scenarios of Kenya in 2030 – with and without adequate access to contraception which are presented in the Futures report. 

Download the report “Kenya in 2030: Young Voices on Future Scenarios and Contraception” here.


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