Research Dissemination Strategy

Research dissemination strategy for Women’s Health and Action Research Centre - a leading women’s health researcher in Nigeria
Women’s Health and Action Research Centre

Women’s Health and Action Research Centre (WHARC) is a research and programme implementation organisation based in Benin City, Nigeria.

During its 20-year existence, WHARC has developed a broad body of research on women’s health and rights in Africa. WHARC also publishes the African Journal of Reproductive Health, a leading academic journal on sexual and reproductive health, sexual rights and social justice in sub-Saharan Africa.

Developing a strategy for research dissemination and evidence based advocacy

A pioneering women’s reproductive health and rights research organisation in Nigeria, WHARC is expanding its efforts in public advocacy and communications across the continent. In 2013, we worked together to develop a new Africa-wide communication and content dissemination strategy for WHARC.

This project shaped WHARC’s research content into information and messages for the general public as well as other specified target audiences, such as policymakers and medical professionals. In addition to a renewed communications and research content strategy, we jointly developed a series of PSAs and communications assets to reflect the renewed approach and collaborated on a public facing digital campaign, called Red Hot Issue, appealing for the implementation of youth-friendly health services in Nigeria.

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