Techno-Advocate Partnership

Supporting leading reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health organisations in strategic advocacy communications.
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For the past two years, M4ID has been supporting the advocacy and digital communications work of the four leading professional organisations in reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health (RMNCH) globally: International Confederation of Midwives (ICM), International Council of Nurses (ICN), International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) and International Pediatrics Association (IPA).

Specifically, the ongoing project has focused on identifying strategies to strengthen the global RMNCH policy agenda as well as providing technical assistance in advocacy communications and creative marketing.

New world of strategic advocacy communications

The global reach and mass uptake of the Internet, mobile phones and social media has resulted in a new exciting communication landscape. The possibilities of engaging audiences through these tools are immense and the role they play in furthering international health goals will increase over time.

These new channels and tools offer professional associations effective new ways of generating awareness and support, engaging key stakeholder, establishing thought-leadership, developing new partnerships, strengthening member associations and influencing decision-makers across the globe.

Furthering international health goals with strategic advocacy communication

Global advocacy landscape is fast changing with new players entering the field, creating a need for professional organisations to renew and strengthen their advocacy efforts and messaging.

The four professional associations all have an important mandate in the global health arena. Through their role of disseminating evidence based content, information and policies, the health professional associations serve a unique role. Their global coverage and vast networks provide a wide global reach and an effective base for developing more strategic advocacy and campaigning efforts.

Together with the four professional associations, M4ID developed a project approach for the organisations to move forward with strategic communications advocacy.

The process first included a collaborative diagnostic review, needs identification well as a recommendations development phase.

The different deliverables for the organisations throughout the project have been tailored to their specific needs, and include event-focused advocacy toolkits, campaign concepts and assets production, content strategy development materials, social media training and workshops, visual and brand identity updates, and communications strategies and plans’ development.

The project will result in the employment of more effective advocacy approaches, including strengthened inter-organizational collaboration as well as the forming of new strategic alliances and partnerships.

Together We Can Be The Change

Coming together and uniting has been a shared objective during the project. The four professional associations’ agendas overlap on many fronts and all play a critical role in saving the lives of women, newborns and children.

As its first joint advocacy goal set in October 2015, the Techno-Advocacy Partnership decided to join forces to advocate for global implementation of intervention packages to address the nine main causes of maternal, newborn and child death.

The launch film of the partnership first aired during the President’s Session of the FIGO 2015 Congress in Vancouver 5th October.

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