As a company dedicated to the health and wellbeing of underserved people globally, we are deeply concerned about the effects of COVID-19 on the communities we serve. While COVID-19 spreads rapidly, we continue providing our partners with critical services as well as responding to the growing crisis. We are supporting partners in pivoting to enable programme continuity, while also developing new ways of supporting preparedness and response efforts across the globe.

Scope is actively contributing to the Inter-agency Working Group of Reproductive Health in Crises. We are researching and advocating for improved COVID-19 services for vulnerable populations, as well as designing rapid, remote means to co-create emergency responses, facility improvements, and community mobilisation efforts.

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Safe Birth. Even Here

Launched social media campaign to bring the needs of pregnant women in crisis settings to life and to engage donors, the private sector, and the public in supporting maternal health in refugee camps.
United Nations Population Fund

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Safe Birth. Even Here campaign aimed to raise awareness about maternal health in crisis settings, as well as the critical role the UNFPA plays in supporting pregnant women in refugee camps. The campaign also sought to raise awareness among partners and donors in the humanitarian sector and encourage decision makers to advocate for improved maternal health in emergency contexts.

Safe Birth. Even Here invited social media users to join in the universal joy of celebrating safe births by presenting stories of new mothers in crisis settings. Country-level staff led content creation by reporting on the “good news” of safe deliveries directly from refugee camps. Individuals and corporations were invited to support the campaign by sharing posts, sending messages of support to UNFPA staff, midwives, and new mothers, as well as by donating delivery kits.


  • Developed campaign concept, as well as website and video sharing the good news of safe births.
  • Campaign received more than 400,000 social media shares from around the world.
  • Key maternal health blogs discussed Safe Birth. Even Here.
  • Corporate partners, including Nokia, supported campaign by donating the cost of a clean delivery kit for every image share on social media.




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