Safe Birth. Even Here

Social media campaign bringing the needs of pregnant women in crisis settings to life through reports on safe births, uploaded in real time and by midwives in refugee camps. M4ID developed campaign idea and sharing concept, as well as the website and a video sharing the good news of a safe birth.

UNFPA’s 2012/2013 Safe Birth. Even Here campaign reported on safe deliveries in crisis settings by inviting social media users to join in celebrating a safe birth in the world’s most difficult and overlooked settings.


The campaign aimed to raise awareness about maternal health and the challenges faced by expectant mothers in crisis settings, and the critical role UNFPA plays in supporting pregnant women in emergencies. A secondary goal was to raise awareness among partners and donors in the humanitarian sector and encourage decision makers to advocate for maternal health in emergencies.

Concept: Approaching a difficult topic though kindness and optimism

The campaign concept connects people in a positive way with a context which is often difficult to approach. It aims to present people as equals, all celebrating over a universal joy of a safe birth.

The campaign was also designed to involve and empower country level staff in content creation and in the campaign. Thus, a concept was developed which enabled reporting on a safe delivery, “the good news”, in a refugee camp, to present the safe birth, with the mother, child and midwife, and enable people to share the news on social media.

The campaign enabled visitors and corporates to support the campaign by sharing the news, by sending a message of support to UNFPA staff and midwives, families in crises settings, as well as by donating a delivery kit.


In the first six months, the campaign took off to a promising start with thousands of page visitors, hundreds of comments left on the website and over 400,000 social media shares from around the world. The campaign was discussed in key maternal health blogs and UNFPA received positive attention within the humanitarian agencies, and the campaign began to spread virally, setting a good stage for future marketing endeavours.

Corporate partners, including Nokia, also joined the Safe Birth campaign by donating the cost of a Clean Delivery Kit for every image share on social media.

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