PUSH for Change

In a 2010 collaboration with UNFPA, Scope designed a social media driven maternal health advocacy campaign called ‘Push for change’. This included the development of the campaign concept and strategy, social media management and the design and production of the Preggers application and video.

Preggers was designed an edutainment application to raise awareness about maternal health in low resource settings through engaging storytelling and gamified elements.

In the Facebook application where users were able to impregnate friends virtually while sharing information about realities of childbirth in developing countries. By sharing the app, users elevated their own status all the way from a traditional birth attendant to a trained midwife and an OBGYN, while being introduced to the role these professionals play in improving maternal health in the field.


190 000 supporters, 10 000 appeal names, extensive media coverage. Strong political support and € 5.5 million funding for UNFPA.

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