Climate resilient health facilities

Protecting health in an unstable and changing climate
Scope Impact

Climate change is the biggest threat to health of the twenty-first century. It increases health demands, disconnects communities from care while also disrupting the ability of healthcare facilities to deliver high-quality care. Health care facilities therefore need to urgently plan for and adapt to the current and future climate change impacts.

Hence, as part of our climate resilience efforts, we’re developing an AI driven tool to support health care facilities identify and overcome the key challenges they face from climate change. By predicting and identifying geographical climate change hazards and their health implications, the tool helps healthcare facilities understand ways in which these impact infrastructure and service provision, while providing linked solutions to mitigate climate change effects.

We have partnered with the Climate and Planetary Health team at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, as well as national partners in co-designing and pilot testing the 3-step tool. We will update this page as we gain feedback and iterate on the tool with country partners.

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