Next T

Optimising HIV testing and linkage to care through human-centered design.
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
2016 - 2019

The Next T project researched and developed new solutions to optimize HIV testing and linkage to care for adolescents in Tanzania using human-centered design.

The Scope team worked with local partners to design and test solutions for high-quality, acceptable, and accessible HIV testing linked to care services in Tanzania. The project focused on adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) and their male partners, as well as adolescent boys and young men (ABYM).

Ultimately, the Next T project solutions aim to inform future HIV programming to better serve adolescents, particularly those most at risk of HIV.


Identifying barriers and enablers of health-seeking behaviour

In the research phase of the project, Scope partnered with the National Institute of Medical Research (NIMR) Mwanza Center and Jhpiego’s Sauti program. Scope’s interdisciplinary team included experts in human-centered design (HCD), creative communications, HIV programming, and social sciences. 

The research uncovered socio-cultural, individual behavioural, communicative factors as well as systemic barriers that inhibit the use of the current models for HIV testing and its subsequent linkage to care.

Next T leverages the mindshape model, which categorises customer personalities based on their level of awareness and engagement in care

During the Create phase of Next T, we identified opportunities to overcome these barriers and enable the uptake of HIV testing and care. This formed the basis for developing context-appropriate and user-friendly HIV testing and linkage to care service solutions. The aim is to facilitate new health-seeking behaviours among AGYW and their male partners.



  1. Mindshape Screening tool allows programmes to better target populations and tailor investments.
  2. Counselling training programme enables HIV counsellors to better understand, discuss, and address patient motivations and barriers.
  3. Creative grassroots influence programme engages a new generation of Tanzanians in reducing HIV stigma.

Scope is currently looking for opportunities to take this work further.


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