As a company dedicated to the health and wellbeing of underserved people globally, we are deeply concerned about the effects of COVID-19 on the communities we serve. While COVID-19 spreads rapidly, we continue providing our partners with critical services as well as responding to the growing crisis. We are supporting partners in pivoting to enable programme continuity, while also developing new ways of supporting preparedness and response efforts across the globe.

Scope is actively contributing to the Inter-agency Working Group of Reproductive Health in Crises. We are researching and advocating for improved COVID-19 services for vulnerable populations, as well as designing rapid, remote means to co-create emergency responses, facility improvements, and community mobilisation efforts.

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MIMBA: The world’s biggest heart and brain

A digital service for women’s health advocates and activists.
MacArthur Foundation
2015 - 2017

MIMBA, a digital service at its concept stage, is a global community for women’s health advocates and activists. We’ve had the privilege to with amazing NGOs, tirelessly working on some of the biggest challenges in the world. Yet, their work is often hindered by the lack of visibility, low organisational resources, or lack of access to specialised skills or expertise. Scope was keen to understand how to better support NGOs worldwide and thus set to research and design a solution that would support them. We identified several barriers to advocacy and activism from both individuals as well as organisational perspectives, including

  • Lack of means for visibility, specialised expertise and resources
  • Lack of meaningful and long term participation options for activists
  • Weak messaging
  • Siloed action by organisations
  • One-off campaign without progress or impact reporting

We designed a digital community bringing together organisations and volunteers to advance women’s health and rights globally. The concept idea is ‘The World’s Biggest Heart and Brain’.

MIMBA, which means ‘pregnancy’ in Swahili, is a skills crowdsourcing and information service (still in the concept phase) for maternal and newborn health. MIMBA is envisioned as a global network that brings together the needs and means of people willing to contribute to women’s and children’s health and rights through meaningful tasks and requests from local organisations. With support from the MacArthur Foundation, we developed a minimum viable product of the MIMBA service.

Join us in taking MIMBA to the next level.

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