mHealth in West Africa

In 2013, Scope conducted a research project for CORE Advise, mapping the mHealth application ecosystem in French-speaking West Africa, with a focus on maternal and newborn health related interventions.
CORE Advise
West Africa

The study focused on eight mHealth themes that emerged from the research:

  • Access to accurate and user-friendly information
  • Learning, training and specialist support for health professionals
  • Remote consultation, diagnosis and treatment
  • Emergency services & responses
  • Patient communication & tracking as well as access to patient records
  • Real-time data collection/monitoring and ability to transmit health information
  • Strengthen supply chain management & distribution of commodities
  • Support health financing through micro-insurance, vouchers & health savings services

The recommendations related to three key objectives:

  • How to advance system-level solutions that deliver sustained, scalable and locally appropriate interventions, linked to local health systems?
  • What mechanisms could contribute to building capacity to plan, manage and evaluate ICTs lead health interventions, including supporting available country level capabilities?
  • Empowering women’s participation and lowering access barriers, including removing financial barriers, focusing on low technology services, improving incentives for female mobile owners and ensuring that women participate on the service/product design processes
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