Market Research to support development of FP marketplace

Conducting research for design of solutions to increase private family planning provider participation in key health markets
Chemonics, USAID

Family planning (FP) entrepreneurs have been instrumental in offering women and youth access to a wide range of affordable contraceptive methods through multi-channel delivery of high-quality products and services. They however face a myriad of challenges that may inhibit their progression across various stages of their business, right from inception and even beyond the later stages of maturity, and by effect, their ability to engage and deliver to clients.

In light of this, Scope Impact has partnered with the USAID’s Frontier Health markets (FHM) Engage project to support the development of marketplace solutions to increase private service provider participation in key health markets in FP.

The project approach

Despite the numerous interventions offered in the market to support entrepreneurs, the FP entrepreneurs make for a diverse segment, spanning social marketing organisations (SMOs), franchising networks, social enterprises and digital entrepreneurs and more with unique financial needs and multiple dynamics defining the market.

In this project, Scope Impact conducted research to provide evidence to guide the development of marketplace solutions to increase private sector participation in the key health markets in FP.

Through a discovery sprint approach, we engaged FP enterprises and stakeholders across 6 markets to identify critical gaps and intervention opportunities, capturing perspectives and marketplace experiences to support the creation of favourable conditions for entrepreneurs to thrive.

The expected outcomes

Through Scope Impact’s input, FHM Engage and its partners will be furnished with a deeper understanding into the specific market environment in relation to FP entrepreneurs and be better placed to support and develop innovators, networks and marketplace solutions to advance family planning information, services and products.

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