Creating a global platform for mothers to tackle loneliness during pregnancy.
Scope's Social Innovation Fund

In 2017, Scope’s Social Innovation Fund project GloBelly piloted a new woman-to-woman messenger service that pairs moms-to-be from different countries. We worked with local partners in Nigeria, India, Uganda, and Finland to recruit a test group of women who were matched to each other. 

GloBelly was born out of a simple idea: pregnancy can be an isolating time for many women all over the world. Many health services provide women with support in their physical needs, but pregnancy is often also a time of emotional upheaval. Speaking to another woman going through the same experience can be both enjoyable and reassuring. GloBelly provides women from different environments with a space to chat, share stories, and support each other.

Mobile app-based and free to use, GloBelly is a place to hear someone else’s experience of pregnancy and share your own. It gives women from different settings the opportunity to connect with a fellow mom-to-be, grow together on their pregnancy journey, and make a friendship that could last long after leaving the delivery room.

The Finnish news broadcaster YLE wrote an article on a woman’s experience of taking part in GloBelly (in Finnish).

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