Holistic co-creation of new services for women’s sexual and reproductive health and well-being in India, Kenya, Nigeria, and Tanzania.
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, India
2017 - 2020

Core combines human-centered design (HCD) and a life course approach to look at women’s sexual and reproductive health over one or more transition points to understand the connections between their past experiences and future outcomes. Transition points related to sexual and reproductive health often influence a woman’s health, status, and identity as well as their rights, responsibilities and needs. Core seeks to understand these transition points and how they affect a woman’s life course in order to offer insights and opportunities for intervention and improved solutions for women.

The Core work is taking place in four locations: in Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria and India. Following rigorous research and analysis, Core used the life course model to guide early work co-creating with women and girls, their communities and a range of partners and experts. Create is a dynamic and holistic part of the human-centered design process where the people whose needs we aim to serve, help steer each part of the problem-solving journey. This immersive methodology provides a hands-on approach in the search for practical interventions such as the provision of ‘safe spaces’ or role model initiatives, testing them with our partners to gather feedback so that we may adapt, refine or reimagine each prototype until the most promising options are found.

As with all of Scope’s projects Core is working closely in collaboration with national and global partners as well as local stakeholders to ensure the long term sustainability and success of the project. 

Illustration used in Core project depicting women from different ethnicities and generations.

The key objectives of the project are:

  • To produce a new body of knowledge around women’s SRH views and needs in low-resource settings
  • To co-create a tested set of SRH service prototypes
  • To develop an interactive experience to understand insights and findings and connect with the lives of Core women

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