Women Deliver conference was a success for Scope

Scope revealed its new visual look at Women Deliver, the largest conference on gender equality and the health, rights and well-being of girls and women. 
June 19, 2019

Attending the Women Deliver 2019 conference in Vancouver was an exciting moment for us as it marked the official launch of our new name and look. It was the very first time we presented ourselves as Scope to our partners, clients and the general public of more than 6000 people who attended the conference.

The Women Deliver conference itself was an intense but inspiring experience for us. For four fully packed days, we attended events and panels on improving gender equality and women’s health and caught up with many of our partners.

A highlight for us was to share knowledge on our key projects at the Scope booth and the excitement and the many intriguing discussions it generated with the booth visitors. We look forward to drawing from these conversations in our creative work for social change.

The Women Deliver conference witnessed an ad-hoc protest. Two people wearing Donald Trump masks and pink t-shirts with a 'resist gag' logo hold signs saying "The gag rule kills women" and "If Trump got pregnant there wouldn't be a gag rule".

As a fine finale for a great conference, we created a bit of a stir with our ad-hoc protest to defend women’s reproductive rights with pregnant Trumps marching on the aisles of the convention hall. A perfect way to end a conference on gender equality.


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