The first meeting of Core’s Global Advisory Board!

The Core Global Advisory Board met in London to discuss project progress and strategies for the Creation stage.
April 9, 2019


Core established a Global Advisory Board comprising leading international thinkers and practitioners in the field of public health, medicine, social science, design, and futures, to provide expertise and strategic direction to the project. Importantly, the members of the board were carefully selected to represent regions of the world the project works in.

Priyam Sharda, Design Research Lead, explains how the team developed and used tools in the four Core countries

On 26 March, Core convened the first meeting of the Advisory Board in London. With 11 members present, the meeting was off to a good start. The team provided members with an overview of Core’s progress so far, including data and findings from the Discover and Understand stages in each country. The ensuing discussion was robust, marked by insightful exchanges between the team and the Board members.
Following the update, the meeting opened up to solicit strategic advice and inputs from the experts present, as the project moves into the Creation stage in the four countries. The Creation stage marks the beginning of the solution prototyping and testing piece of project work.



Dr. Tracy Johnson, Senior Program Officer, User Experience & Innovation at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation providing strategic input to the group

Key takeaways from the meeting were:

  1. We will continue to engage with the technical community working at the intersection of public health and design and share learnings and outcomes from Core proactively.

  2. Core will mindfully undertake co-creation activities and hone in on the right fit of partners to work with moving into the next phase.

  3. The project will continue position women’s voices about their experiences with sexual and reproductive health as central. It will persist with efforts to bridge the gaps in existing literature and their representation of women’s perspectives.

  4. We continue to explore novel ways of bringing forth and sharing data in creative and engaging ways to elevate the discourse, such as the art objects developed and shared at the meeting

  5. Advocating for human-centered design by example is a key capacity-building component for Core.

The next AB meeting will be held in August.


the Advisory Board convened in sunny London end of March

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