Scope’s climate portfolio grows with a new partnership

Our latest project supports Save the Elephants in a collaborative strategy process to strengthen conservation and human-animal coexistence models.
November 9, 2021

Human-caused disruption to our natural systems is accelerating the climate crisis, weakening our ability to avert disease and speeding up the rate of biodiversity loss. With this rapid pace of change, conservation and human health have become intrinsically interwoven. 

Recognising the importance of planetary health, Scope is growing our climate portfolio to expand our work at the intersection of health, environment, and climate change.

We have launched a new conservation-focused discovery and strategy project with Save the Elephants as part of this portfolio. We’ll contribute to shaping long-term coexistence models that benefit both people and wildlife while also looking at new ways to mitigate climate-related threats to habitats and biodiversity. Our holistic approach fosters the integration of natural and social science perspectives. Together, we will better understand the complexity surrounding the socio-political context of human-animal interactions and their impacts.

The project brings together Save the Elephants’ and Scope’s interdisciplinary teams and organisational partners from the conservation, research, and funding community. The participants will engage in a tailored process consisting of collaborative discovery, scenario setting, and strategy sprints, all focused on enabling Save the Elephants to achieve collective impact across all its future activities.

”Climate crisis is the most pressing issue of our time. Moving to a more planet-centred approach provides new ways to tackle complexity in our rapidly changing world. This exciting new partnership with Save the Elephants to balance our ecological actions and strengthen human-wildlife coexistence is an essential step in that direction,” says Simon Smith, Scope’s CEO.

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