Musings of a wordsmith: Raising buzzwords

Mick is M4ID's Creative Strategist, who synthesises our research into creative strategies while being heavily involved in the conceptual thinking.
January 9, 2018

“I’ve seen this movie before. A new buzzword emerges. Everybody talks about it; some walk the talk. Eventually the word suffers inflation and becomes a joke. Professional worth is judged on how up to date your development lingo is.

 And yet, buzzwords become buzzwords for a reason. There is a hard kernel of truth behind the hype. Interventions based on human-centred innovation or big data, for example, will retain their value even when semantic fashions change. 

 So why not visit the buzzword graveyard and resurrect an old favourite or two? It’s a 360° garden of low hanging fruit out there. I’ll show my age and confess to a lingering fondness for ‘synergy’. What’s your long lost favourite buzzword?”

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