M4ID defends women’s reproductive rights

M4ID's creative street performance #Resistgag opposes Trump's Global Gag Rule. 
July 9, 2018

Trump administration is trampling women’s rights all over the world. U.S. policy is leaving millions of girls and women in developing countries without access to health care and contraception.

20 heavily pregnant Donald Trumps and 20 gagged women will protest Trump’s Global Gag Rule when Trump meets Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki on 16th July. The protest and street performance will take place from 1:00 in Senate Square. The Gag Rule threatens women’s lives by silencing doctors and nurses. It has already caused the deaths of tens of thousands of women and left millions without access to life-saving healthcare services in Asia and Africa.

“Trump’s significantly more aggressive gag rule means more women are injured and die,” says Mari Tikkanen, Co- CEO and co-founder of M4ID. “It deals a devastating blow to global health and it’s a policy that Americans now face. The Trump-Pence administration continues to put in place some of the most draconian efforts restricting critical access, information, care and freedoms.”

M4ID launched #resistgag after seeing the devastating effects first-hand in their work in India and Africa.  “Our goal is to use our creative forces to get some attention and visibility on this insane policy,” says Jennifer Paavola, Creative Director at M4ID. “Trump bombards us with chaos every day while this isn’t getting enough attention. It’s time for that to stop.”

The Global Gag rule is withholding U.S. funding from health organizations that even mention the word ’abortion’. Health providers are being silenced and it is getting worse. Funds are being withheld from organizations that have provided services for issues including violence against women and children, HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis. The Gag Rule is endangering the lives and futures of millions of women and girls globally.

The #Resistgag project is independently funded by M4ID through our social mission fund.

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The creative protest starts on Monday 16th July at 1 pm at Senate Square in Helsinki




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