Peer-reviewed article on iDeliver published in the BMJ

iDeliver is a digital health tool developed by Scope and partners to support skilled birth attendants in the diagnostics, documentation, and data management in maternity care.
September 17, 2021

A peer-reviewed article about iDeliver, a novel digital health tool for skilled birth attendants to support quality maternity care, developed by Scope with Merck for Mothers, Vecna Cares, and Johns Hopkins University, has been published in the BMJ Journals’ Family Medicine and Community Health. The article is co-authored by Mari Tikkanen, Scope’s Partnership Director, and Rose Matthews, our long-time consultant, together with our project partners.

iDeliver was created in response to the need for having a technology-based solution focused on the 24-hour labour and delivery period when there is the highest potential to save lives with quality care. The mobile, digital, point-of-care tool improves skilled birth attendants’ access to information in clinical settings, guides decision making, and ensures timely and appropriate interventions.

Scope led the design research and co-creation activities of the iDeliver tool to understand the end-user and how to best meet their needs. Our work influenced the iDeliver design by recommending it to measure the quality of care, drive improvements across the delivery journey, support patient registration, and offer post-partum check-up instructions together with family planning counselling.

Currently, iDeliver is in use in 15 facilities across Kenya, Tanzania, and India, where over 25 000 women have been registered on the digital system. The article projects that by the end of 2021, 35 000 deliveries will be registered in iDeliver.

Learn more by downloading the open-access article (PDF, 1,8MB)

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