#Formnigani: that’s a wrap!

After pairing with a supergroup of Kenyan creatives, we achieved more than 385 million impressions on #formnigani,a creative family planning campaign. For the first time, the taboo about talking openly about sex and family planning was broken.
September 13, 2018

#Formnigani was a movement meant to amplify the voices of young Kenyans in favour of family planning. The theme of ‘Form ni gani?’ means ‘What’s the plan?’ in Sheng, a street slang form of Swahili. The project was an experiment in whether creative communication can be used to support the ongoing work of advocacy groups by magnifying the true voice of the people.  In order to create high-quality level of content, we teamed up with Kenyan musicians, photographers, filmmakers, dancers comedians, street artists, writers, poets, and graphic novelists.

As the campaign sparking unprecedentedly high levels of discussion on family planning comes to a close, we reflect back on the highlights of the #formnigani movement and the vast amount of outreach methods we used to gain a mass audience. Check out this video and you’ll understand why this whirlwind of a movement caught the eyes of 30% of Nairobi and 40% of Bungoma county.

Social and traditional media

#Formnigani went viral from day one. Across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, renowned Kenyan influencers spread the word, and people took note. The organic, high-quality content on different aspects of family planning resulted in over 9,000 posts reaching over 28 million people and creating 155,700,000 impressions.

A whirlwind of events

Beyond the digital scope, the movement also involved well-attended concerts, football tournament, a photography exhibitions, and a variety of others. The event that kicked off the campaign on April 17, 2018 was when a group of “pregnant” men posed the question “What if men got pregnant?” as they took over the streets of Nairobi.

Stay tuned for forthcoming detailed results of the campaign’s impact, as well updates on how we will proceed with phase two!

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