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Scope's board of directors has been reinforced with the addition of a new member, Tero Silvola (MSEcon).
January 30, 2020

Tero Silvola is the CEO and Board Member of BC Platforms, which is a pioneer in bioinformatics, genome data management, and data science. We are excited to gain from Tero’s experience in big data, precision medicine, and technology-led health care as we scale our services globally. Tero has over 20 years of experience in leading healthcare companies and establishing new ventures in healthcare services and healthcare IT.

“I was immediately interested in Scope as I learned about their work carried out over the past 10 years. I see many opportunities in developing the company’s work on a global scale and taking it into new contexts. I hope my know-how on health care service processes and technology are useful when Scope’s projects are being scaled.”

Joseph Wright will continue as the Chairman of the Board, with Mari Tikkanen and Camilla Hartwall as other board members.

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