Access to safe abortion is a human right

Finland’s Foreign Minister Timo Soini has publicly supported the anti-abortion movement, which is in stark contrast with the official Finnish foreign policy. Today is the Safe Abortion Day. An important reminder that the right to legal abortion is a human right, not a matter of personal opinion.
September 28, 2018

Finland is a pioneer in women’s rights and gender equality. The Finnish law allows abortion and the government is committed to promoting women’s rights in its foreign policy. Last Friday, Foreign Minister Soini survived a no-confidence vote in parliament over his anti-abortion remarks. One hundred lawmakers voted in support of Soini, while 60 voted to oust him.

We at M4ID are concerned about the right to a safe abortion not being taken seriously by the Finnish government. Unsafe and illegal abortions kill tens of thousands of women and are the cause of millions of hospital admissions every year.  Access to safe abortion is an integral part of family planning as well as reproductive health and rights. It is central to promoting, protecting and fulfilling the right to life and the health of girls and women. Finland should remain at the forefront of defending women’s and girls’ rights globally.  

Join the demonstration by the Finnish Feminist League “Vaaravyöhyke – Naisten oikeudet vaarassa” today at at 12pm in front of the Parliament House in Helsinki.

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