As a company dedicated to the health and wellbeing of underserved people globally, we are deeply concerned about the effects of COVID-19 on the communities we serve. While COVID-19 spreads rapidly, we continue providing our partners with critical services as well as responding to the growing crisis. We are supporting partners in pivoting to enable programme continuity, while also developing new ways of supporting preparedness and response efforts across the globe.

Scope is actively contributing to the Inter-agency Working Group of Reproductive Health in Crises. We are researching and advocating for improved COVID-19 services for vulnerable populations, as well as designing rapid, remote means to co-create emergency responses, facility improvements, and community mobilisation efforts.

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A look back on 2019

Our vision is a world where everyone, everywhere can experience a healthy, dignified, fulfilling life. We seek to improve the lives of underrepresented people globally by codesigning innovative pathways to social change. The past year we have worked hard to make change where it is needed the most. Below are some highlights of 2019.
December 31, 2019

In 2019 together with our partners we…⁣

  • launched a future-focused & youth-led family planning movement in Kenya that has created nation-wide dialogue on contraception with a combined media & social media reach of 90+ million⁣
  • co-organised the #designforhealth conference in Dakar with over 100+ experts to chart the way forward for design in health⁣
  • ⁣co-created experimental design research tools to understand women’s health across multiple countries⁣
  • Implemented our innovative maternity ward design project in Odisha, India, which has increased overall patient satisfaction by 46%⁣
  • said good-bye to M4ID and welcomed Scope as our new name and identity⁣
  • showcased our work among 8000+ experts at the Women Deliver conference⁣
  • adapted the group antenatal care model for mothers-to-be in Guatemala⁣
  • worked with youth in the U.S. to improve their sexual and reproductive health outcomes by co-creating a digital platform⁣
  • co-developed a roadmap and action plan for disability inclusive health systems⁣
  • worked on the barriers that keep adolescents from HIV testing and treatment in Tanzania and co-designed, prototyped and validated solution concepts with important programmatic implications⁣
  • co-created innovative solutions to improve women’s health and well-being in Tanzania and India⁣
  • developed a new impact measurement framework for creative and design-led innovation in global health – results to be shared in 2020!

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