Solution98 calls for a new direction for maternal and newborn care
EIAM - Evidence Insight Action for Midwifery

Solution 98: The New Standard of Care is a digital campaign to disseminate the evidence for midwifery care globally, and appeal for the implementation of quality maternal and newborn care in health facilities.

The campaign was based on research evidence from the Lancet Series on Midwifery, where M4ID worked with a global team of 35 researchers from leading health organisations and academic institutions to enhance the evidence base on midwifery and to further advocate for developing midwifery services at scale.

To support this important research, we designed a digital communications strategy and visualisation of research findings to bring the new midwifery care framework to life in collaboration with the award-winning illustrator Janine Rewell.

The Lancet Series on Midwifery gives guidance on how quality maternal and newborn care can be made available in all countries, and provides a framework for quality maternal and newborn care that firmly places the needs of women and their newborn infants at its centre.



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